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Wine. Whiskey.


—  Cocktails  —

Please ask our wait staff about wine pairings


Whiskey Cocktails

—  Lusty Lucy IV  —
Bold with a touch of sweetness, this riff on a Rusty Nail is made with J.W. Dant Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon and Old Coyote, our house-made Bourbon liqueur

—  Basil & Bluegrass  —
Fresh and approachable, with a base of Bernheim Wheat whiskey and sweet Thai basil accompanying a light hint of Pallini Limoncello

—  Upper East Side
Our version of a traditional rye Manhattan is made using a classic approach with Carpano Antica sweet vermouth and barrel aged bitters

—  Seasons of Rye  —
A unique take on the Old Fashioned with vanilla-infused rye whiskey, a house-made rye syrup, and aromatic orange peel

—  Boxcar Smash  —
Made with locally produced Rio Brazos Boxcar whiskey, fresh spearmint, and cucumber with a splash of bright Gruet Brut Rose

—  Lost in Translation  —
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Japanese whiskey and a slice of bright orange blend with the light, herbaceous intensity of ginger and fresh Thai basil

—  Sidecar Named Desire  —
A combination of two classic cocktails, the Sazerac and the Sidecar, this drink utilizes Sazerac Rye, Cointreau, and bitters

—  Rio Brazos Old Fashioned  —
The house Old Fashioned, our unique twist on the classic cocktail, uses Rio Brazos Texas Bourbon, a house-made Bourbon cherry syrup, and a touch of aromatic bitters

—  Forged Barrel Batch #4  —
Whistle Pig 10 year rye, Averna Amaro, Green Chartreuse, and a whiff of torched rosemary are integral components of the fourth edition of our barrel aged cocktail

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 Steakhouse Cocktails

—  Low Down Sally  —
Light, crisp, and refreshing, with muddled strawberries, Tito’s vodka, fresh lime, and Gruet Brut Rose

—  Dirty Texas Martini  —
A classic dirty martini utilizing Texas’ own Enchanted Rock vodka, Dirty Tony’s olive juice, and house-stuffed olives made with Texas goat cheese and crushed candied pecans

—  The Violet Hour  —
An homage to the famous Chicago speakeasy, it is Tequila based with bright cucumber, fresh lemon, and Rothman & Winter crème de violette

—  Imogene’s Doublecross  —
This vodka based blend of a Smash cocktail and a Mule cocktail with blackberries, mint, and Fever Tree ginger beer is named for Imogene Remus and how she backstabbed her famous bootlegger husband, George

—  The Republic Stockholm  —
The classic Stockholm is improved on with the addition of a touch of sweetness and spritz from Banfi Rosa Regale sparkling wine

Modern Cocktails

—  The Zimmermann Note  —
The influential World War I Zimmermann telegraph provides the name for this merging of German Riesling with Mexican Tequila, which provides tropical hints of pineapple and intense orange

—  Negroni de Oaxaca  —
A twist on the classic Negroni, Gran Classico provides a balance of bittersweet orange and rhubarb to the clear smokiness of Del Maugey Vida mezcal and a silkiness brought forth by Cocchi Americano

—  Red Light District  —
Hayman’s Old Tom gin, house made black cherry balsamic vinegar, and fresh lime are the base of this approachable and stimulating cocktail, with a nose of fresh dill providing a unique and vegetal balance

—  Dr. Laudanum, M.D.  —
Tropical with plenty of citrus and a hint of coconut, this island-style cocktail has a strong rum presence that is not overpowering and is named for the famous 19thcentury painkiller